Shared Heritage
What do you preserve?
Restoration is a core task in the museum. But how exactly does it work? What do the traces on the object reveal about its history? And what philosophical considerations need to be made before the work begins?

What do you preserve?

hours 1,5
grade 10 onwards
2 classroom materials

This is about preservation.

Old artworks are particularly susceptible to temperature changes, air pollution, too much light or theft. Protecting them from these and other influences is called conservation. If an object has been damaged, it can only be restored.



  • reflecting preservation as cultural technique
  • looking at preservation from a philosophical perspective
  • getting to know the work at a Museum
  • developing a preservation concept yourself
  • experiencing preservation as a field of work

Augmented Reality App

In the TAMAM project, mosque communities have been working with the Museum for Islamic Art since 2015 to develop new ways of teaching culture. Following the publication of teaching materials, a free app was released that uses augmented reality to present background information on selected objects in the collection.

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