What can a picture show you?
Images are ubiquitous today. We use them every day, often without looking closely. But images can openly or covertly convey certain messages. Can you decode these messages? And what means do you need to create your own picture with a message?
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What can a picture show you?

hours 2
grade 10 onwards
2 classroom materials

Photos are not just photos. They usually show more than what is shown and are rarely neutral in their statement. Photos can be snapshots, documents or even art. Their impact and messages can be described and named. You can read photos!


  • to understand artwork
  • to understand and execute art work
  • to creatively implement one’s own thoughts
  • to explore the social environment

Augmented Reality App

In the TAMAM project, mosque communities have been working with the Museum for Islamic Art since 2015 to develop new ways of teaching culture. Following the publication of teaching materials, a free app was released that uses augmented reality to present background information on selected objects in the collection.

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