Connected Worlds
Would your life be simpler with only one identity?
Most of the artworks in the museum are made with different materials and techniques. These sometimes come from very different parts of the world and thus represent the diversity of human encounters. Is it similar with us humans?
Muslim Youth Work

Would your life be simpler with only one identity?

hours 1,5
grade 10 onwards
2 classroom materials

We look at an object in search of the origins for the design of its form. The various influences which it combines provide a stimulus to think about our own identity and its various layers.


  • to closely observe an object
  • to describe an object in detail
  • to research an objects history
  • to explore transculturality
  • to work on identity

Augmented Reality App

In the TAMAM project, mosque communities have been working with the Museum for Islamic Art since 2015 to develop new ways of teaching culture. Following the publication of teaching materials, a free app was released that uses augmented reality to present background information on selected objects in the collection.

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